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Tulsa Law Review

2018-19 Editorial Board:
  • Editor in Chief: Dallas Jones
  • Executive Editor: Violet Rush
  • Notes & Comments Research Editor: Meghan Drake
  • Production Editor: Robert McClendon
  • Articles Research Editors: Laurie Mehrwein, Madison Mosier, Lacy Pulliam, Clint Summers
  • Managing Editor: Sarah McManes
  • Executive IT Editors: Matt George
  • Supervising Editors: Demi Allen, Allie Dossman, Joshua Hansen, Samantha Tober
  • Staff Editors: Alec Bracken, Cordal Cephas, Scott Major, Allison Martuch, James Rayment, Brent Smith
  • Associate Editors: Samuel Barlass, Caleb Becham, Arianna Cole, Bob Clougherty, Ryan Curry, Eric DiGiacomo, Zach Enlow, Kasey Fagin, Allie Fleming, Anastasia Fletcher, James Frye, Ryan Krisher, Sarah Langtry, Caroline Lindemuth, Whitney Humphrey, Colleen McCarty, Kevin McIlwain, Pierre Robertson, Anna Sanger, Timothy Schaefer, Vic Weiner, Jason Weitholter
  • Faculty Advisor: Stephen R. Galoob

The editorial board may be contacted at tlr@utulsa.edu