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First known as the Tulsa Law Journal (1964-2001), the Tulsa Law Review has dedicated itself for the past fifty years to publishing outstanding scholarly works that stimulate critical thinking, provoke legal debate, and improve the law of our society. Each year, select TU law students are chosen to publish the Tulsa Law Review.

Current Issue: Volume 52, Issue 3 (2017) Book Review

This book review issue is made possible by the hard work of our academic co-editors Profs. Stuart Chinn (University of Oregon School of Law) and Julie Novkov (University at Albany, State University of New York). Professors Novkov and Chinn select recently published books that transect the fields of law, political science, and history. To review these works, they invite highly respected academics from the same trinity of scholarship to provide their opinions. Our team of student editors works in conjunction with our academic co-editors and the individual authors to prepare each review for publication.

It is an honor for the Tulsa Law Review to present you with this book review. It is our hope that it provides insight and enlightenment regarding the books reviewed and the study of law, political science, and history as a whole.

Aaron Tifft
Tulsa Law Review

Front Matter

Book Review


Immigration in Between
Robin Jacobson


Fear and Firearms
Darrell A.H. Miller


Taming Leviathan
Marek D. Steedman

Tulsa Law Review Volume 52 Issue 3