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First known as the Tulsa Law Journal (1964-2001), the Tulsa Law Review has dedicated itself for the past fifty years to publishing outstanding scholarly works that stimulate critical thinking, provoke legal debate, and improve the law of our society. Each year, select TU law students are chosen to publish the Tulsa Law Review.

Current Issue: Volume 51, Issue 2 (2015)

This issue marks the Tulsa Law Review's sixth edition of its much celebrated and lauded annual book review. We remain one of the few journals that provide an exclusive forum for book reviews. The essays included in this issue examine some of the most important books published within the last couple of years. Focusing on racial and gender issues in the law, to intellectual property concerns, to the true weight of Lincoln's presidency, the legal scholarship found in this issue runs the gamut of pertinent, fascinating legal issues. Each review provides a carefully crafted commentary, sure to catch the attention of any reader. The driving force behind each book review included within the pages of this issue is to add insightful commentary of some of the most important legal discussions today. We are honored to provide a forum for the authors' voices in such significant and critical conversations.

This issue marks the last year of Professors Linda McClain and Ken Kersch's tenure as co-editors of the book review. Their skills in pairing thought-provoking literature with some of the most preeminent scholars today truly are unparalleled-they will be greatly missed. We are excited to welcome Julie Novkov and Stuart Chinn to the Tulsa Law Review team as the new co-editors of our book review issue beginning with volume 52.

I would like to personally thank each author. I could not have imagined working with a more inspiring group of scholars that put so much thought into each word of their essays. I enjoyed working with each of you and cannot thank you enough for all of your help in making this issue truly great. I would like to extend a special thank you to each and every member of editorial staff-this issue would not be possible without the endless hours spent by each and every one of you in carefully editing and compiling this issue.

-Alia Heintz
Editor in Chief
Tulsa Law Review

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Table of Contents, Editor's Note and Preface
Ken I. Kersch and Linda C. McClain

Book Review


Forward-Looking Family Law
Meredith Johnson Harbach


Territory Delimited
Bartholomew Sparrow