America’s Evolving Electric Power Grid


Gary Allison

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Professor Allison presents a Faculty/Alumni Showcase Lecture on law and the electric grid.

Professor Allison earned his J.D. in 1972 from The University of Tulsa and his LL.M. in 1976 in the area of economic regulation from Columbia University. He teaches constitutional law, water law, and regulated industries. Professor Allison is a fellow of the Sustainable Energy & Resources Law Program of the TU College of Law. His scholarship includes a casebook on regulated industries and numerous articles on constitutional law, water law, and energy policy. Professor Allison has been lead counsel on five State Supreme Court challenges to initiative petitions concerning state government reorganization, abortion rights, education reform, and congressional term limits. He has been a Democratic nominee for Congress. Currently, he is of-counsel with an Aspen, CO based water law firm founded by fellow TU Alumnus, Kevin Patrick.