The Stephanie K. Seymour Lecture series was established by more than 50 of Seymour's previous law clerks to celebrate her career and honor her legacy, which includes a commitment to providing opportunity for the best and brightest law graduates. The lecture series features non-tenured law professors whose dedication and passion emulate that of Judge Seymour.



Lectures from 2015

Judicial Administration and the New Legal Process, Marin K. Levy

Lectures from 2014

Google, Facebook, and the Art of the Acqui-hire: Thoughts on a New Approach to Hiring Software Engineers, John Coyle

Lectures from 2012

Dissolving Cities, Michelle Wilde Anderson

Investigating Science, Administering Justice: Toward a Systemic Understanding of Forensic Science, Jennifer E. Laurin

Lectures from 2010

Operationalizing the Responsibility to Protect, Monica Hakimi

Lectures from 2009

Searching for Reasonableness: Procedural Justice and the Victims’ Right to be Reasonably Protected from the Accused, Mary Margaret Giannini