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Tulsa Law Review

Welcome to the Tulsa Law Review

First known as the Tulsa Law Journal (1964-2001), the Tulsa Law Review has dedicated itself for more than fifty years to publishing outstanding scholarly works that stimulate critical thinking, provoke legal debate, and improve the law of our society. Each year, select TU law students are chosen to publish the Tulsa Law Review.

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Tulsa Journal of Comparative and International Law

Welcome to the Journal of Comparative and International Law

The Journal of Comparative and International Law (TJCIL) was a semiannual publication, edited and staffed by students at The University of Tulsa College of Law. It was first published in fall of 1993 and ran through spring 2009. TJCIL published articles on a wide range of topics, including international commerce and ramifications of U.S. domestic law, human rights issues, and international energy and environmental law topics. Articles were written by prominent scholars, practitioners in the field, and students and have been recognized as important contributions to the development of international law.

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