The John W. Hager Distinguished Lecture in Law is an annual event held in memory of former TU law professor John W. Hager to bring eminent professionals to the Tulsa legal community to share their ideas on law and justice. Hager served on the TU Law faculty for more the 40 years and is still remembered at the law school as the “King of Torts.” More about Prof. Hager's life and impact can be found in the memorial issue of the Tulsa Law Review.



Lectures from 2016

The Digital Fourth Amendment, Orin S. Kerr

Lectures from 2015

The Fade-Out of American Justice: The Nation's State Court Crisis, Lincoln Caplan

Lectures from 2014

Exploiting the Vulnerable in Medical Research, Carl Elliott

Lectures from 2013

The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander

Lectures from 2012

Justice — Not Just the Law, Lawrence Lessig

Lectures from 2011

Discrimination to Protect Liberty: New Arguments against Equality for Women and Gay People, William Eskridge

Lectures from 2009

The War Against Terrorism and the Rule of Law, Owen M. Fiss

Lectures from 2008


The Rule of Law in Immigration Law, Hiroshi Motomura

Lectures from 2004


The 2004 Term: The Supreme Court Meets International Law, Harold Hongju Koh

Lectures from 2000


Rethinking the Program of Legal Education: A New Program for the New Millennium, James P. White