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TU Law Faculty publish in a wide variety of areas. Check out our Book Gallery for recent books by our faculty, our publications page for a listing of articles, chapters and other contributions to scholarly works and our Selected Works gallery for individual professors.

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Recent Additions to Publications*


Freedom to Hack, Ido Kilovaty
Freedom to Hack, Forthcoming Ohio State Law Journal (2019).


Legally Cognizable Manipulation, Ido Kilovaty
Legally Cognizable Manipulation, forthcoming Berkeley Technology Law Journal (2019).


Active Judging and Access to Justice, Anna E. Carpenter
Active Judging and Access to Justice, 93 Notre Dame L. Rev. 647 (2018)


Measuring Law School Clinics, Anna E. Carpenter, Colleen F. Shanahan, Jeffrey Selbin, and Alyx Mark
Measuring Law School Clinics, 92 Tul. L. Rev. 547 (2018) (with Colleen F. Shanahan, Jeffrey Selbbin, and Alyx Mark).


Studying the "New" Civil Judges, Anna E. Carpenter, Jessica K. Steinberg, Colleen F. Shanahan, and Alyx Mark
Studying the "New" Civil Judges, 2018 Wisc. L. Rev. 249 (2018).

*Updated as of 05/16/23.