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Saint Louis University Law Journal


This Article focuses on campus safety and security in higher education. In light of the numerous stakeholders in higher education that include faculty, law enforcement professionals, higher education lawyers, state and federal officials, and institutional administrators, this Article examines legal and policy considerations that should influence how colleges and universities respond to protect the campus community and safeguard the educational environment. In particular, the Article discusses the Incident Command System and the impact this management approach has had on the development of an organizational framework to manage emergency incidents. The Article also reviews selected case law regarding campus safety and state and federal statutory responses designed to minimize threats to campus safety. Finally, the Article acknowledges the role that members of the university community play in advancing campus security as well as the application of risk management concepts and strategies in the campus safety and security arena. Recognizing that colleges and universities are vital national institutions, the article encourages the development of a legal and managerial paradigm to deal with the modem-day perplexities of campus safety and security.


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