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TU Law Faculty publish in a wide variety of areas. Check out our Book Gallery for recent books by our faculty, our publications page for a listing of articles, chapters and other contributions to scholarly works and our Selected Works gallery for individual professors.

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The Contrived Defense and Deterrent Threat Doctrines: A Reply to Professors Finkelstein & Katz, Russell Christopher
7 Journal of Criminal Law and Philosophy 629 (2013).


Are Legal Ethics Ethical? A Survey Experiment, Stephen Galoob and Su Li
26 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 481 (2013).


The New First Amendment and Its Implications for Combating Obesity Through Regulation of Advertising, Tamara Piety
in Advances in Communication Research to Reduce Childhood Obesity (Jerome D. Williams, Keryn E. Pasch, Keryn E, and Chiquita A. Collins, eds., Spring 2013)

*Updated as of 08/04/14.